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Junky Monkey is an ethical visual arts business specialising in natural and recycled materials, founded and run by Emma Parkins.

The environment is an important factor in her work and she tries to source all her materials as sustainably as possible.

Emma is very resourceful and recycles and collects everything. Her specialism is using these materials to create interesting, green, projects that are achievable for everyone, regardless of ability, age or social situation.

Junky Monkey projects are about the process as much as the final outcome and Emma is holistic in her approach.

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Junky Monkey has worked on lots of projects in the community, covering a wide range of artistic approaches, techniques and experiences.  From collaborative work, outdoor and site specific pieces, to participatory artwork and creative evaluations.  To explore these areas and settings that Junky Monkey facilitates,  just browse through the menus below.


best side of birdmade at schoolbuxton framemucky handsflowers from recycled materials

Junky Monkey will work with you to come up with art/craft that fits your requirements.  The workshops can be created so the theme is in keeping with the curriculum or any subject that you require.  It is great for arts weeks and can be used to help achieve Green Flag status.

Emma has lots of experience working with all ages and abilities and is able to work with both small and large groups.  She is patient and caring in her approach and comes up with great ideas suitable for nursery, reception, KS1, KS2 and secondary levels.

Foraging , for natural objects to use, is especially suitable for those establishments/venues that have access to natural surroundings.   ( see the gallery of clay and natural materials  and wattle and daub for outdoor ideas)

Local Authority/Business Settings

power animalslarge fish headlitter bugemotion potionsharvest moon birdfestival workshop

If you need some feedback and evaluation from a project or event that you have organised, you could use Junky Monkey to come up with a creative solution to achieve this outcome.   Emma has some great ‘out of the box’ ideas that are fun for people to get involved in . ( see the gallery of feedback and evaluation projects )

Creative activities are great for an open day or promotional event and by using Junky Monkey you can promote that ‘greener’ image for your company/business.

Visitor Attractions and Fun Days

Junky Monkey is able to work with large numbers on a drop-in basis or advance bookings.  Emma will work with you to come up with a project that suits your theme, event, party or attraction.  You will feel great that you are doing your bit for the environment by using an ethical, reliable and professional business.  (see the foraging and festivals gallery or the gallery of recycled projects for some ideas )
If you want further details about Children’s party ideas please send me an email.

Residential Care Homes


I can come and run sessions for those who like to keep up their creative flair.  Art and Craft activities are suited to all abilities.  This is a good way to keep people active and is a very social way to interact with people and have fun. ( see the seasonal projects gallery for some examples )

Caring for People


Junky Monkey is also great at working with people and families that are less fortunate and are often seen as socially challenged.  Emma has lots of experience in this area and uses the arts as a way to communicate and build self-esteem and confidence.  Working on either joint projects, sculptures, or projects that explore feelings and emotions is a great way of helping people to feel better about their lives. ( see the willow weaving and sculpture gallery for examples of what’s possible)
Workshops can either be short 2 hour or day sessions, or more lengthy  projects that develop over time. 

If you are looking for a company that specialises in supporting people and the environment, with an excellent track record, then look no further.

Feast your eyes on some of the original projects that have been created by Junky Monkey in the galleries of lantern and kite making, willow weaving and recycled materials.

Junky Monkey would like to share with you a more sustainable, green pathway to being creative. By encouraging people to value and respect nature, we can live in harmony with the earth.


” …to the eyes of man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”  -  William Blake