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Intellectual property

The Junky Monkey logo and imagery is property of Emma Parkins. If you wish to use the logo or imagery, permission should be asked by contacting Tell me how and why you wish to use the logo. Please include your contact details name, web address and e-mail address.


All rights in the design, text, graphics and images on the site are copyright of Emma Parkins. Use of the imagery on the site, without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

No part of my website should be copied and placed on other websites.


Junky Monkey will never pass on privite details and emails without concent.   Permission is always requested before any photos are used for publicity.


Terms and Conditions related to practice


Due to the nature of the kinds of materials Junky Monkey uses there maybe times when certain objects and materials may not be easily available and they maybe subject to change.  This maybe due to the time of year or shortage of time to collect/resource something .  If something specific is required for a project please let me know well in advance so it can be sourced.  An alternative material will be offered as a replacement.

 Cancellation Fees

The client may cancel without payment before 14 days of the booking unless a written agreement or contract has been agreed.  50%. Of the payment will be required if the cancellation is within 14 days and 100% of the booking fee if it is cancelled within 7 days of the booking.

If Junky Monkey has to cancel for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances then an alternative time/date will be offered or a replacement ‘crafter’ maybe offered.

 Suitable Clothing

Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn for craft activities !  Junky Monkey does everything to ensure the mess is minimal. In most cases aprons and appropriate floor coveringwill be used to ensure there is as little mess as possible. Please ensure suitable clothing is worn or provided.  However due to the nature of craft/art activities  mess may occur and clothes do get dirty.  If this happens the responsibility will be with the parent/carer and not with Junky Monkey.

 Final Details

Junky Monkey will contact you before the event date to go through last min. details and to check venue, setting up arrangements etc.

 Setting up/clearing away

Junky Monkey will arrive at least 30 mins before an event to set up.  In some cases this may be more and will be discussed prior to the event.   Due to the nature of the kinds of materials used it can take time to clear away, please take this into consideration when booking your event.  Exact details of timing can be discussed prior to the date.

Adult Supervision

In most situations the parent or carer is responsible for the safety of the child and not Junky Monkey. There are a few exceptions when it requires the children to be left by their carer/adult and if there are more than 10 children attending, an extra adult needs to be present, this is due to health and safety.  An extra ‘crafter’ can be provided for large events , on most occasions, however this may incur an added charge.  In educational settings the adult support will be discussed prior to the event and will be dependant on the scale of the project.